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HCA 2011-12 Middle School Girls Basketball Team Roster

Captain Courtney Whyte - 7
Captain Kelly Etemadipour - 7
Sara Grant - 8
Katie Mall - 8
Mikaela Tatarian - 8
Jenny Jobson - 7
Noelani Rivera - 7
Mickayla Sujkowski - 7
Sophia Alvarez - 6
Jazlynn de Guzman - 6
Haley Escobar - 6
Kaitlyn Hart - 6
Nylah Hindsman - 6
Emily Lamitola - 6
God bless all of you and your families,
Coach De Meo and Coach Williams
• email Coach De Meo at:   coach@vickydemeo.com
• email Coach Williams at:   casw189@yahoo.com
2012 Game Schedule:
What is a Captain?

In team sports, "Captain" is a title given to a member of the team. The title is frequently honorary, but in some cases the captain may have significant responsibility for strategy and teamwork while the game is in progress on the court. It is a position that indicates honor and respect from one's teammates... recognition as a leader by one's peers.

The team captain sets the tone for all other players. She is an encourager. She is a leader in practices and sets an example for other players to follow.

The job of the team captain is to lead in general. Whether it is by example as in making a big play during a game, when making a mistake and shaking it off, or even when leading stretches in practices. Also, if players have a problem on the team, the captain is responsible for letting the coaches know about it.

A Captain should...

Remember the most talented player is not necessarily the best leader.